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    Please note: This item has an extended lead time of up to 15 business days. 

    105MM Howitzer Cannon Round Ashtray will complete your collection of Bad Ass home and man cave gear. The 105MM M2A1 (M101A1) howitzer entered production in 1941 and was used by the United States Military in World War ll. 

    Using the heavy steal expended base from the actual once-fired round, we have carefully machined, cleaned, sandblasted, polished, and finally, clear powder coated preserving the headstamp which illustrates the history of the round.

    All items are made from genuine fired shell casings and resemble live ammunition. We do not recommend bringing this item to airports or other places where live ammunition is not permitted.

    Own a piece of modern-day history with the 105MM Howitzer Ashtray! 


    The minimum order total is $250.00 (before shipping). This item must be ordered in minimum case pack quantities of 3.